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DataChute is a best-in-class voice to EMR solution

that significantly reduces the time spent by providers on note entry. Organizations that adopt this service observe significant improvements in accuracy and compliance, which contributes to faster claims and payment processing.

How It Works

A provider uses the DataChute app to securely record their session with the patient or dictates their notes after meeting with the patient
A transcript is generated and all data points required within the EMR are tagged
All relevant information is automatically transferred to your EMR for the provider’s review


Save 7+ Hours on Note Taking Each Week

DataChute eliminates hours of time spent entering notes into the EMR system, resulting in lower administrative burden and more time to treat.

More Detailed and Accurate Notes

Notes captured in real time or immediately after a patient session, have a level of detail and accuracy that is significantly higher than those entered hours or days after a session.

A Better Patient

Patients want to have a provider who is compassionate and engaged. It’s hard to establish that kind of rapport while focused on a clipboard or laptop screen. DataChute allows providers to focus on the patient.

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